Battlefield relics & memorabilia

This section is dedicated to war relics discovered over the years on battlefields of the North Shoulder area of the Bulge.

« Battlefield relics » will bring you into the everyday life of the frontline soldier, into his pockets and into his mind. You will discover his personal needs and tricks to stay alive in a foxhole he called home. All the items displayed were recovered on the battlefield over the last three decades.

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« Memorabilia » presents various pieces of equipment. They were preserved in one way or another over the decades and resurface today. Some were preserved by veterans and donated to the MIA Project collection. Others found a second life after the war in the hands of locals or were simply recovered in an attic or on flee markets.  All are identified and are presented with the story of the original owner.

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« EOD and UXOs », presents the mission of the Belgian Army Explosive Ordnance Removal and Destruction Service SEDEE and the relationship our group has with that organization.

BARman Hunningen