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Enter tag About us
Who are the members of our team and how the adventure started.


Enter tag MIA search
Chronological and detailed presentation of our successful search and recoveries.


Enter tag Battlefield relics
How battlefield relics revealed forgotten personal stories and the bitterness of the life on front line.


Enter tag War stories
Meaningful war stories as they were told to our team members by veterans.


Enter tag Tours
Join us on a battlefield tour. Based on a 30 year experience guiding groups of the 99th , schools and families, we will bring you to the heart of the battle, where few knows and no one goes.


Enter tag lest we forget
Two tribute pages dedicated to those who served with the 99th Division.


Enter tag X files
The meaning, the story of that specific term, what is going on today and in the coming future.


Enter tag Sponsoring
How you can help us in continuing the search effort.


Enter tag bookstore
Recommended books and reading covering the 99th infantry Division during WWII.


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