We Need Your Help to Accomplish Our Objectives.


We Need Your Help to Accomplish Our Objectives.

The 99th Infantry Division MIA Project & Historical Society is a privately operated, non-profit organization dedicated to researching, recovering and repatriating American servicemen still unaccounted for. These individuals have been listed as Missing in Action (MIA) or deemed non-recoverable during WWII in Europe. There are currently an estimated 13.500 missing American servicemen on the European Theater of Operation. Recovery operations of this magnitude are only successful through the contributions of dedicated organizations or individuals. They are vital to our tireless efforts and help ensure that soldiers who have given their last full measure of devotion will return home for a well deserved final resting place

Since 1984, the members of 99th Infantry Division MIA Project & Historical Society have recovered the remains of 12 soldiers of the 99th Infantry Division. The search for specific American individuals also enabled us to recover remains of 8 German soldiers, former members of the Volksartillerie Korps (mot) 402, 5th Fallschirmjäger, 3rd Panzergrenadier and 12 SS Panzer Divisions.
In addition, our team cooperated with History Flight, a US based non-profit organization, in the recovery of 12 American airmen and helped return them to their families.

The 99th Infantry Division MIA Project & Historical Society needs your help. The fundraising contributes greatly to support our efforts to find Missing in Action and keep our websites on line year in and year out. Your financial support to keep us on tracks is urgently needed.

Thank you in advance for your support – we appreciate your generosity!

If you require the assistance of our staff or have any questions or comments, please connect with us at the following email addresses below.

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