Weeks George A

George A Weeks
Oct. 7, 1918 – Oct. 7, 2011
Company B, 393rd Infantry

Base Inf + PH

Weeks portrait editedGeorge Weeks was born on October 7, 1918 in Weeks Mills, Maine, to Edward and Sadie May (Kenny) Weeks.
Right after graduating from Erskine Academy in 1937, George worked briefly for M.P. Roberts on a tar crew for the state of Maine and later for Kennebec Pulp and Paper in the sulfite division. He eventually worked up to acid maker in the Jensen System. He married Roberta Gray of Fairfield in 1941.
George was inducted into the Army after basic training, he was transferred to the 99th Infantry Division and joined Company B of the 393rd Infantry. He fought all the major battles his Regiment was involved in, including the Battle of the Bulge, the Cologne Plains and the Remagen bridge crossing. This is where he was wounded and received the Purple Heart.
After the war, George returned to his acid-maker job, but shift work didn’t agree with him after being lest we forget edited v3in the Army. He returned to state work, where he served in various capacities.
George Anthony Weeks died Friday, Oct. 7, 2011, at his home of Manchester, Maine, at age 93. He is buried at the new Maine Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery, Mount Vernon Road in Augusta.